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Lore Library

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Elder Scrolls Veterans might already know the huge amount of books which can be found in the previous games. TESO isn't any different in this respect, and so far, 297 books can be discovered in the game. Lore books offer many interesting background stories and often come in a series of volumes known as a collection.

Shalidor's Library[edit | edit source]

  • Alik'r Desert Lore 0/10
  • Auridon Lore 0/10
  • Bangkorai Lore 0/10
  • Biographies 0/10
  • Coldharbour Lore 0/10
  • Daedric Princes 0/10
  • Deshaan Lore 0/10
  • Divines and Deities 0/10
  • Dungeon Lore 0/17
  • Dwemer 0/16
  • Eastmarch Lore 0/10
  • Glenumbra Lore 0/10
  • Grahtwood Lore 0/10
  • Greenshade Lore 0/10
  • Legends of Nirn 0/10
  • Literature 0/10
  • Magic and Magicka 0/10
  • Malabal Tor Lore 0/10
  • Myths of the Mundus 0/10
  • Oblivion Lore 0/10
  • Poetry and Song 0/10
  • Reaper's March Lore 0/10
  • Rivenspire Lore 0/10
  • Shadowfen Lore 0/10
  • Stonefalls Lore
  • Stormhaven Lore
  • Tamriel History
  • The Rift Lore
  • The Trial of Eyevea

Eidetic Memory[edit | edit source]