What lies Beneath

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Cap left.png What lies Beneath Cap right.png
Rules of Regulations
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Ragna Stormcrag
Journal region
Redoran General's Gauntlets

98 Gold.png from Captain Valec Doronil

Required level
Quest objectives

I volunteered to enter the ruined crypts beneath the fort to look for the retainer, Durel Gilveni, and the mysterious otehrs mentioned in the General's dispatch. The entrance is by the river.

Enter the Ruins
The entrance to the ruins is down by the river, beyond the north gate of the fortress. I need to head there and enter the crypts.

Find Durel Gilveni
Now that I', inside the ruins, I should see if I can find Durel Gilveni, the General's retainer. The Maulborn have infiltrated this area, so I need to be careful.

— game journal

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