Vengeance of the Oppressed

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Cap left.png Vengeance of the Oppressed Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
Betina's Fashionable Gloves

181 Gold.png (if taking Betina Voleks' side)

Required level
Quest objectives

I met a pair of Argonian former slaves. They want revenge upon Betina Volek the last surviving descendant of the family that once owned them.

Find Betina Volek
I should talk to Betina Volek and decide what to do about this situation. She's at the inn to the east.

— game journal

Characters linked with this quest


The Voleks owened also an Argonian named Eyes-that-Glint, a sister of Tastes-the-Breeze, who was worked to death while they were slaves. Now Sar-Keer and Tastes-the-Breeze have decided, that Betina Volek, the last of the Voleks, should pay with her life for this.

The player can decide in this quest, with whom he'll side. If one sides with Betina, the Argonians will attack Betina and the player in Betinas' home. One also can let Betina be oblivious about the Argonians' plan and lead her to her demise.

It should be noted, that Betina still has quite a racist tendency, since she mentions to be glad when the "unnatural pact" will finally fall apart so they can get back to the "old-fashioned" way of farming - a.k.a. the return of keeping (Argonian) slaves.