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Cap left.png Underfoot Cap right.png
Quest giver
Journal region
Bleakrock Isle
36 Gold.png
Required level
Quest objectives
  • Save Faltha
  • Save Runs-in-Wild
  • Save Brend

A strange woman came up to me as I was walking through the woods. She said something about Skeevers before leading me into the hills.

Molla told me a mad mage assaulted her and her friends. She's asked me to restore her friends. They've scattered across the island and they're now skeevers.

— game journal

Note:[edit | edit source]

Somewhere on Bleakrock Isle a note from Runs-in-Wild can be found with the name "Small Meals, Fast Meals", which describes the usage and taste of many different creatures, Runs-in-Wild obviously has tested. Among it dogs (which seems to be a sacred animal for the Nord) and cats, which is a sacred animal for the Khajiit.