Turning of the Trees

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Cap left.png Turning of the Trees Cap right.png
Ash and Reprieve
Daggerfall Covenant
Quest giver
Wyress Helene
Journal region
93 Gold.png

Wyress Sash from Wyress Helene

Required level
Followed by
The Wyrd Tree's Roots
Quest objectives

The forest itself seems to have turned against the village of Deleyn's Mill and the villagers are in danger. I should see if I can help.

Collect the Essence of Aetherius for the Wyrd Ward
Wyress Helene asked me to collect essences of Atherius using a torchbug she gave me. She wants to craft a spell using the essences that will protect the villagers. Using the torchbug should lead me in the right direction.

— game journal

In one of the buildings players can find a note called Deleyn's Mill Order Form, written by Morric Miller, obviously an order by Lord Alain Diel.

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