The Saving of Silent Mire

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Cap left.png The Saving of Silent Mire Cap right.png
The Ravaged Village
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
Argonian Muck Minder

196 Gold.png from Vara-Zeen
for killing Seeks-the-Night

Required level
Quest objectives

Leel-Vata asked me to rescue the captured Argonian Villagers from Khajiiti pirates.

Find the Key to the Chains
The captured villagers are locked in chains. Leel-Vata suggested that I search the large tent for a key to unlock the prisoners.

Free Argonian Captives: 0/9 Now that I have the key, I need to set the Argonian captives free.

— game journal

Characters linked with this Quest


In the same area, one can find another Argonian named Azeenus with the quest Cold-Blooded Vengeance. Look here for the weapon Cold-Blooded Vengeance.