The Naked Nord

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Cap left.png The Naked Nord Cap right.png
Norgred Hardhelm.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Norgred Hardhelm
Journal region
outside of Serk
Naked Nord's Pants

and 84 Gold.png

Required level
Quest objectives

I met a confused Nord named Norgred on the road outside of Quarantine Serk. He said he was escorting a witch. Apparently, she turned on him and stole a valuable axe. He's anxious to get it back.

Talk to the Witch
I need to locate the witch Norgred claims he was escorting. He said they were camped east of where I met him.

Find the Axe of Halmer Stormhand and locate Norgred's missing Pants
I didn't find a witch, but Norgred's wife. Evigna saw her husband run off toward some plague husks. They were near an abandoned house southeast of their camp by the river. I'll look for the Axe of Halmer Stormhand there.

Return Norgred's Pants
The axe has been found. Evigna and Norgred are reunited... more or less.

— game journal