The Medallions of Saint Veloth

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Cap left.png The Medallions of Saint Veloth Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Healer Ravel
Journal region
Ashlander's Honor

173 Gold.png from Dolril Belvayn

Required level
Quest objectives

Healer Ravel asked me to collect Saint Veloth medallions. As long as the monks are allowed to pray in peace, the medallions allow the power of the Tear of Saint Veloth to keepe the Llodos plague in check on whoever wears one.

Collect Medallions from Husks: 0/6
I should retrieve the medallions from recently transformed plague husks.

Talk to Healer Ravel
I recovered the medallions of Saint Veloth. I should return them to Healer Ravel on the road north of Muth Gnaar.

— game journal

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