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The Mad God's Bargain

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Cap left.png The Mad God's Bargain Cap right.png
Chatau of the Ravenous Rodent
Mages Guild
Quest giver
Journal region
Spellbreaker's Staff

548 Gold.png

Required level
Followed by
The Arch-Mage's Boon
Quest objectives

Valaste and Shalidor have finished analysis of Sheogorath's books. Now I need to help them take possession of Eyevea, the Mages Guild Sanctuary.

Talk to Valaste
I need to talk to Valaste as soon as I can.

Place the Books
Valaste has prepared a ritual space to allow Shalidor to do his work. She's asked me to start the ritual by placing the books in the beams of light.

Talk to Shalidor
Shalidor appeared in a nimbus of light. I should speak with him.

Enter the Portal to Eyevea
Shalidor shouted that he sensed something wrong, and dove into the portal. I should follow him.

Find Shalidor at the Guild Hall
Daedra swarm the island of Eyevea, and Shalidor is furious. He's gone ahead to the island's main Hall to look around. I'll need to fight my way through the Daedra to meet him.

Talk to Shalidor
Sheogorath has given this island to us, but Daedra swarm from open portals. I should talk to Shalidor to plan our next move.

Close the West, Northeast and Southeast Portal
Shalidor asked me to close the portals on the edges of Eyevea. That should stop the influx of Daedra. Sheogorath told me that to close the portals I'll need to pull out nearby crystals powering them.

Talk to Shalidor
I've closed the portals and slotted the power crystals out front of the Guildhall. I should speak to Shalidor once again to see how he's doing with the ward.

Enter the Guildhall
Shalidor removed the ward from the Guildhall doors. Time to face Sheogorath once again.

Defeat Haskill

Watch the Confrontation
After defeating Haskill Shalidor burst his way into the Guildhall. I should watch the confrontation between the Arch-Mage and Sheogorath.

Talk to Sheogorath
Sheogorath has made me a tempting offer. He says that I can choose to have Valaste stay, or go with him. If she stays, he'll cure her insanity. If she goes, he'll give me a tome of power worth several skyshards. I should choose what to do.

Optional Steps
I could speak to Shalidor to get his viewpoint on my choice.
I could speak to Valaste and see what she wants me to do. If she can understand me.

Talk to Valaste
With Sheogorath gone and Valaste's sanity returned, it seems we're well and truly in control of Eyevea. I should speak with Valaste to see how she's doing.

— game journal