The Frozen Man (Quest)

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Cap left.png The Frozen Man Cap right.png
Map Orkeys Hollow.png
Map of Orkey's Hollow
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
Bleakrock Isle
The weapon Bonesplinter and 91 Gold.png
Required level
Quest objectives
  • Find Clues to the Frozen Man's identity 0/3
  • Talk to the Frozen Man

When the player is on Bleakrock Isle he can meet Rolunda, who is very concerned about her brother's fate.

Rolunda came to Orkey's Hollow looking for her brother, Eiman. The cave is said to be haunted, and young Nords on the island sometimes enter it to prove their bravery. Eiman went in, but he hasn't come out.

I found Eiman trapped in ice. The "Frozen Man" challenged me to a game. Before he'll free Eiman, I must discover his true identity. I should search the cave for clues and then talk to the Frozen Man.

— the game journal

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