Swine Thief

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Cap left.png Swine Thief Cap right.png
Daggerfall Covenant
Quest giver
Wickton the swineherd
Journal region
Swine-Herder Britches

42 Gold.png from Zhagush gro-Korlag

Required level
Quest objectives

Glutton, the prized pig that belongs to the Daggerfall swineherd Wickton, is missing. Wickton suspects pig thieves, or at least one particular pig thief.

Find Northeast Alley
The innkeeper Lafont claims he's innocent. He said that the pig has escaped before and always heads into the northeast alleys to root around for something to eat. I should see if Glutton's over there.

Talk to Swineherd Wickton
A Bloodthorn cultist attacked me and chased Glutton away. The cultist seemed angry that I was near the strange vine. I should check with swineherd Wickton and make sure that Glutton returned to his pen.

Talk to Zhagush gro-Korlag
Zhagush gro-Korlag works with the Mages Guild and is something of a plant expert. Wickton suggested I ask Zhagush about the strange vine I found in the alley.

— game journal