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Storming the Hall

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Storming the Hall
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Beneath the Stone
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Vigrod Wraithbane
Journal region
The Rift
Vigrod's Cuirboilli Vest

and 318 Gold.png

Required level
Followed by
The Rise of Sage Svari
Quest objectives

The Reachmen attacked Shor's Stone and brought the giant Sinmur back to life. Now they've overrun Fallowstone Hall, an ancient seat of the Companions. Vigrod wants my help regaining the Hall.

Talk to Vigrod Wraithbane
I've made my way to Fallowstone Hall. I should report to Vigrod Wraithbane.

Talk to Sage Tirora]]
Vigrod Wraithbane asked me to find the spirit of Sage Tirora. He suggested I present offerings at the nearby burial sites, that her spirit might still linger nearby.

Kill Chieftain Frostfang
Vigrod Wraithbane shouted word that the Reachmen's leader Chieftain Frostfang, is cornered in the Fallowstone undervault.

Search the Hall of Heroes
Vigrod Wraithbane asked me to check the relics in the vault, especially Wuuthrad.

— game journal

Inside of the hall, the player will find three statues of the heroes of old, but the mighty axe Wuuthrad was captured by the enemy from the hands of Ysgramor's statue.