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Saving the Relics

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Saving the Relics
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Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Vicecanon Hrondar
Journal region
Required level
Quest objectives

Shadowfen's Vicecanon Hrondar sent Saervild Steel-Wind to Bogmother's ruins to collect Argonian relics.

Collect the Xaloc, Shol, Tsith and Umoj Relic
Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind asked me to collect relics in the area. According to him, the vicecanons believe they contain magic that could turn the tide of the war against the Dominion.

Find the Tree-Minders
Njorlund Steel-Wind thinks there is something strange about his father's behaviour and fears the tree-minder may be in greater danger from the Dreugh. He asked me to search the dreugh mud piles.

Return to Tree-Minder Raleetal's Camp
I found Tree-Minder Raleetal in one of the dreugh mud piles. I should find out what happened to her when I get back to her camp.

Place the Dominion Bedroll in the Reliquary
Tree-Minder Raleetal asked me to place the Dominion Bedroll in the reliquary to complete the ritual.

Kill Saervild and take the Relics
With the dreugh distracting the Dominion troops, it should be much easier to get through their camp. I should search Mudshallow Cave for Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind and the missing relics.

— game journal