Ratting Them Out

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Cap left.png Ratting Them Out Cap right.png
Fighting Back
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Guard Rila Lenith
Journal region
86 Gold.png
Required level
Followed by
Hiding in Plain Sight
Quest objectives
  • Catch Rats: 0/3
  • Deliver Rats to the Door
  • Talk to Guard Rila Lenith
  • Talk to Varon Davel

Guard Rila wants me to slow down a group of agitated citizens to keep them from getting killed. She asked me to disrupt their meeting by using something they fear. I need rats.

Catch Rats: 0/3
I need to catch rats to disrupt Madras' meeting. I should be able to find rats running around Narsis.

Deliver Rats to the Door
I need to bring these rats to the secret meeting and drop them at the door. Hopefully, that will slow Madras down.

Talk to Guard Rila Lenith
The rats did their job. They disrupted the meeting and caused people to flee the building. I should speak to Guard Rila Lenith again.

Talk to Varon Davel
Guard Rila knows where the missing people are being held. She wants me to report back to the kinhouse and meet her there.

— game journal


Guard Rila gives you the Rat Catcher to catch the rats. After filling the bag it turns into Bag of Rats.