Quest Achievements

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Image Name Description Points
Achievement Completed 50 Quests.png
Complete 50 Quests. 5
Achievement Completed 100 Quests.png
Complete 100 Quests. 10
Achievement Completed 500 Quests.png
Complete 500 Quests. 15
Achievement Explore Thibauts Cairn.png
Complete 1000 Quests. 15
Achievement Completed 1500 Quests.png
Complete 1500 Quests. 15
Achievement Covenant Hero.png
Complete all the Daggerfall Covenant quest achievements. Confers the title Covenant Hero. 50
Achievement Cyrodiil Hero.png
Complete all the Cyrodiil quest achievements. 50
Achievement Dominion Hero.png
Complete all the Aldmeri Dominion quest achievements. Confers the title Dominion Hero. 50
Achievement Fighters Guild.png
Complete all of the Fighters Guild quests. Confers the title Fighters Guild Victor. 50
Achievement Mages Guild.png
Complete the Mages Guild questline. Confers the title Master Wizard. 50
Achievement Pact Hero.png
Complete all the Ebonheart Pact quest achievements. Confers the title Pact Hero. 50
Complete all three lists of faction quest achievements, plus all Cyrodiil and Coldharbour quest achievements. Confers the title Tamriel Hero. 50
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