Last One Standing

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Cap left.png Last One Standing Cap right.png
Warm Welcome
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
208 Gold.png
Required level
Followed by
A Pirate Parley
Quest objectives

One-Eye wants to get rid of Tsanji, the Khajiit in Alten Corimont. Since the Khajiit is running Dominion supply lines, her sudden demise would benefit both One-Eye and the rest of Shadowfen.

Question the Pirates on the Docks: 0/3
The pirates consorting with Dominion Troops on the docks of Alten Corimont know where Tsanji is holed up. If I show them I mean business by smashing a few heads, they may be more amenable to talking.

— game journal

This finally leads to a talk with S'jash outside of Tsanji's hideout.

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