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King of Dust

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King of Dust
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Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Lodyna Arethi
Journal region
Helm of the last Captain

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Required level
Followed by
Into the Temple
Quest objectives

The Dominion is searching for a keystone in Zuuk. I need to find it before they do.

Free the Kothringi in Zuuk
I should speak with the Kothringi held in Zuuk to see if he can help me find the keystone.

Talk to Drillk
I need to speak to the Kothringi at his "castle" in Zuuk.

Steal a Scroll of Release
Drillk asked me to free his subjects being held by invaders in the lowlands next to the village. I should be able to steal a Scroll of Release from the invaders' camp to free them.

Free Lleram, Dethrel and Sarase
Drillk asked me to free Zuuk subjects captured by the invaders. I took a Scroll of Release that should unlock the binding spell that ensnares them.

Talk to Drillk
I freed the subjects of Zuuk, though they weren't living, they were spirits. I should report this information to Drillk.

Escort Drillk to the Tower
Drillk spoke of a prophecy revealing the keystone at the castle tower. I need to escort Drillk to his tower where I expect to find the keystone.

Talk to Drillk
Drillk declared me the captain of his royal army. Now that he has addressed his "subjects", I should speak to Drillk about the keystone.

— game journal

Somewhere, also Drillk's Journal can be found.