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Into the Woods

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Cap left.png Into the Woods Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Journal region
Fighters Guild Visor

352 Gold.png from Tzik'nith

Required level
Quest objectives

Objectives[edit | edit source]

I came across an abandoned pack at the edge of a dark forest. The pack suggested that members of the Fighters Guild might have been here.

Find the Fighters Guild members
I should head into the woods and look for signs of the Fighters Guild members. The journal suggests that I start out by heading west and southwest. If I need light, I can touch a wisp for a short burst of illumination.

Collect Spriggan Bark: 0/3
The best way to save the remaining Fighters Guild soldier is to follow the Shadow Walker runners. But to see these near-invisible Wood Elves, I need to collect the bark of a spriggan.

Follow a Shadow Runner
If I touch the bark to a wisp of light, I should be able to see the Wood Elf runners. Faraniel told me I could pick up their trail on the other side of the bridge. Hopefully, they'll lead me to the missing Fighters Guild member.

Ask the Lamia or the Wood Elf for help
Sergeant Kamu was trying to get into the tower at the edge of this dark forest. Both the Lamia and the Wood Elf claim to know how to get inside. I should decide which of the two to ask for help.

— game journal