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Into the Temple

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Cap left.png Into the Temple Cap right.png
King of Dust
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
Kothringi Plate Pauldrons

219 Gold.png

Required level
Quest objectives

After Drillk's memory returned, he told me how to obtain the keystone. It's locked away in the Temple of Sul.

Break the Ward blocking the Temple of Sul
Drillk said the word "betrux" will remove the ward that blocks the Temple of Sul. Doing so will allow entrance into the temple.

Search the Temple of Sul
I've entered the Temple of Sul. Now I need to loacte and optain the keystone.

Find the Keystone
I've unlocked the keystone's chamber. I should take the keystone and leave.

Return to Drillk
The keystone in the Temple of Sul is missing. An Ayleid Spirit attacked me, saying Drillk had absorbed the keystone years ago. I need to speak with him.

Talk to Lodyna Arethi
Drillk is dead. He gave his life to pass the keystone to me. I should return to Lodyna Arethi and let her know about the keystone.

— game journal

Hints[edit | edit source]

There is also another Quest - Captured Time - in the Temple of Sul, when one picks up the Book about Ayleid "Alasil Pilasters". Once the player has reached the pilaster, there are several symbols on it, which must be activated. The right order can be seen on a wall - left to right: Snake, Tower, Thief and Lover.

Characters linked with this Quest[edit | edit source]