Hunting Invaders

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Cap left.png Hunting Invaders Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Elder Seven-Bellies
Journal region
69 Gold.png
Required level
Followed by
A Storm Broken
Quest objectives
  • Talk to Seven-Bellies
  • Find Pash-Riha
  • Talk to Pash-Riha
  • Talk to Meejapa
  • Kill Bolorog
  • Talk to Seven-Bellies

This quest can be started by talking to either Chitakus (found at the crossroads between Heimlyn Keep and Lukiul Uxith) or by talking directly to Seven-Bellies (found at Lukiul Uxith).

The Covenant attacked the Argonian town of Lukiul Uxith. The residents repelled the attack. They seem to be quite confident about their safety.

Talk to Seven-Bellies
I've been instructed to speak to the Elder of Lukiul Uxith, Seven-Bellies. He'll know more about the Covenant's activities in the area.

Find Pash-Riha
Pash Riha, Elder Seven-Bellies' sister, chased after the Covenant soldier who led the attack. I promised Seven-Bellies I'd look for her. He said she ran to the northwest, seeking blood.

Talk to Pash-Riha
I've found Pash-Riha. I should speak to her.

Talk to Meejapa
I must seek out Meejapa. He's trying to slay a powerful Orc. Meejapa was last seen east of Lukiul Uxith.

Kill Bolorog
I must slay Bolorog, as Majeepa asked.

Talk to Seven-Bellies
I've slain Borolog. I must return to Lukiul Uxith to speak to Seven-Bellies.

— game journal

NPCs linked with this Quest