Hozzin's Folly

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Cap left.png Hozzin's Folly Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Sergeant Seyne
Journal region
Bleakrock Isle
Required level
Quest objectives
  • Get a Disguise from a Corpse

I met up with Seyne near Hozzin’s Folly. Bandits have landed on the island. They’re exploring an abandoned mine that was once home to Daedra worshippers.

Seyne wants me to explore the mine and discover what the raiders are doing here. To get inside, she wants me to take a uniform from the raider scout she killed. The raiders’ beasts can see through my disguise.

— game journal

Note[edit | edit source]

One can try to walk into the bandit lair with the disguise on. The player should pay attention not to run directly into the bandits, or the disguise won't work anymore. Of course the camp also can be just raided with fellow players.

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