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Featured Videos[edit | edit source]

Dawn Era[edit | edit source]

Merethic Era[edit | edit source]

ME 2500 - construction of the Direnni Tower
ME 1000 - appearance of men in Tamriel
ME 1 - Year zero of the first era, founding of the Camoran Dynasty

First Era[edit | edit source]

1st Century[edit | edit source]

1E 0 - King Eplear founds the Camoran Dynasty of Valenwood
1E 20 - appearance of the Psijic Order 1E 68 - Last Nedic invasion from Atmora

2nd Century[edit | edit source]

1E 113 - birth of High King Harald (also called Harald Hand-Free)
1E 140 - attack on Forelhorst, the last fortress of the Dragon Cult, by Harald's forces.
1E 143 - crowning of Harald to High King by the Nords

3rd Century[edit | edit source]

1E 221 - death of High King Harald
1E 222 - death of King Hjalmer, eldest son of High King Harald
1E 240 - Conquest of Skyrim
1E 242 - Eruption of the Alessian Slave Rebellion in Cyrodiil.
1E 243 - The White-Gold Tower is taken, founding of the Alessian Empire, end of the Ayleid predominance.
1E 246 - the founding of Daggerfall
1E 266 - Death of Empress Alessia

4th Century[edit | edit source]

1E 340 - Formation of a trade treaty between Valenwood and the Alessian Empire
1E 355 - Clan Direnni rises
1E 361 - Enforcement of Alessian Doctrines, strict reformation of religious teachings throughout northern Tamriel.
1E 369 - Death of High King Borgas
1E 376 - The traditional Yokudan emperors are overthrown
1E 393 - Ayleid temple Malada is pillaged by the Alessian Order

5th Century[edit | edit source]

1E 416 - The chimer king Indoril Nerevar and the dwemer king Dumac form an union and cast the Nord out of Morrowind.
They later are the leaders of the First Council of Resdayn (Morrowind). The dwemer clan Rourken lead a rebellion against the Chimer alliance and finally go into exile.

1E 420 - End of Skyrim war of succession, loss of the northern Tamriel provinces. Olaf One-Eye becomes high king of Skyrim. The Clan Rourken colonises Volenfell.
1E 448 - Birth of Rislav Larich (the Righteous), son of Queen Lynada and King Mhorus of Skingrad.
1E 452 - Death of Olaf One-Eye
1E 461 - Emperor Gorieus crowned.
1E 470 - Flask of Lillandril discovered.
1E 472 - The feud Skingrad and Kvatch ends.
1E 477 - High Rock is conquered by the Direnni, a clan of Altmer merchants.
1E 478 - Death of Kjoric the White in the Battle of Sungard against the Alessian Empire.
1E 479 - High Rock outlaws the Alessian Reform.
1E 480 - Throne of Windhelm taken by Ysmir Wulfharth. The Direnni are able to repel the Alessian Army.
1E 482 - Battle of Glenumbria Moors - Death of Nord High King Hoag Merkiller. Reenactment of the nordic pantheon by High King Wulfharth. Destruction of the Alessian temples.
1E 498 - The Elves are forced to leave High Rock, ending the Late Ayleid Period.

6th Century[edit | edit source]

1E 500 - High King Ysmir Wulfharth's reign
1E 533 - Death of High King Ysmir Wulfharth

7th Century[edit | edit source]

1E 609 - Glenpoint is defeated by King Thagore of Daggerfall, Mansel Sesnit becomes Elden Yokeda, the military dictator of the Redugard.
1E 617 - Assassination of Mansel Sesnit, Randic Torn steps in his place and reigns 120 years.
1 E 660 - Battle of Dragon Wall, Mauloch is defeated
1 E 668 - War of the first Council, Eruption of Vardenfell/The Red Mountain

8th Century[edit | edit source]

1E 700 - Battle of Red Mountain, Nerevar and Dumac perish, at the same time, the Dwemer disappear. End of the War of Crag.
1E 720 - Birth of Frandar Hunding in Yokuda, author of The Book of Circles and hero
1E 737 - Death of Emperor Randic Torn
1E 760 - Birth of Divad Hunding, son of Frandar Hunding, Acrobat and Bard.
1E 792 - Destruction of Yokuda

9th Century[edit | edit source]

1E 800 - Possibly the founding of Wayrest City
1E 808 - Redguards start to settle in Hammerfell, beastfolk and Nedic flee to Orsinium.

Second Era[edit | edit source]

Third Era[edit | edit source]

Fourth Era[edit | edit source]