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Hall of Judgement

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Hall of Judgement
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Ebonheart Pact
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Arbiter's Vambraces

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Objectives[edit | edit source]

Some of the mages who helped open the initial portal to Coldharbour were captured when they arrived. Now they're prisoners in the Daedric Court of Contempt, awaiting the verdict of Judge Xiven in the Hall of Judgement.

Destroy Elemental Crystals: 0/3 and collect the gate key
I need to destroy the three elemental crystals inside the three towers to bring down the magical barrier protecting the entrance to the hall. I also need to collect the gate key from guarded coffer in the northern section of the ruins.

Talk to Malkur Valos
I destroyed the elemental crystals and collected the gate key. Now I should meet Malkur Valos at the entrance of the Hall of Judgement.

Rescue: Tarrami, Dithis Romori and Denthis Romori
I have the key to the cages. Now I should free the captured members of the Mages Guild.

— game journal