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Garil's Journal

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Garil's Journal
Garil's Journal.png
Hearts and Flowers

Text[edit | edit source]

Garil's Journal

Sela, my beloved. Will this missive ever find you? Did you even survive the bandit attack that separated us? How I need your strength now.

Danus has lost his mind, I'm sure of it. He's banished me from the camp. If the others only knew the unspeakable truth! I should take a torch to their food stores and burn the meat to cinders. Would the shock allow them to see Danus for what he is?

My love, my life. The truth. The damnable truth! Even now, my bile rises at the very thought of it. The meat Danus brings to the camp. The meat that keeps our people alive—It's the flesh of the dead!

Our people are eating Dunmeri flesh!