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From the Wastes

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Cap left.png From the Wastes Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Ashlander Scout
Journal region
Iliath Temple
76 Gold.png

from Curate Brethis

Required level
Followed by
Divine Favor
Quest objectives

Hostile Kagesh Ashlanders led by Ashkhan Ziddan Dunhaki are besieging Iliath Temple. A Kagesh wise woman, Hedranna Kaliki, wants to work with the housemen to stop the attack. She believes the current peace is better than another cycle of religious bloodshed.

Talk to Hedranna Kaliki
A scout of the Kagesh tribe met me as I passed Iliath Temple. He explained the situation and asked me to meet the wise woman of his tribe. She's at her encampment east of the temple.

Collect Pouch of Aloe Extract
Collect Bag of Lavender Oil
Collect Poppy Extract
Collect Alchemical Draught: 0/12
Kagesh renegades took the tribe's medicinal herbs and alchemical healing draughts. Hedranna asked me to recover them and bring them to the temple. The crates are around Ashlander yurts. The draughts are carried by the Ashlanders themselves.

Enter Iliath Temple
Talk to Farseer Tirinaat
I've recovered as much of the medicine as I can carry. Hedranna Kaliki told me I should bring it to Farseer Tirinaat within the temple grounds. She offers it to the Tribunal monks as a token of friendship.

Use Draughts on Dying Soldiers: 0/4
Farseer Tirinaat thanked me for delivering the medicine. She'll attend to the crates of herbs, but she said there are soldiers throughout the temple who are near death. She asked me to take the alchemical draughts and use them on the worst cases.

Talk to Curate Brethis
I've used all the healing potions I could recover from the Ashlander camps. Farseer Tirinaat asked me to seek out Curate Brethis when I'm done.

— game journal