Dissonant Commands

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Cap left.png Dissonant Commands Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Bedyni the Artificer
Journal region
177 Gold.png from Bedyni
Required level
Quest objectives


I met an artificer who's trying to learn more about the mysterious rod that was used to control Dwarven constructs from Mzithumz.

Collect Resonators: 0/12 and Destroy Repair Stations: 0/4
Bedyni the Artificer asked me to ensure the constructs can't be controlled again. She wants me to collect the resonators she believes received orders from tje rod. She also asked me to destroy repair stations throughout Mzithumz so they can't be replaced.

— game journal

This Quest seems to be closely linked with Mechanical Murder

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