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Dead Man's Wrist

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Cap left.png Dead Man's Wrist Cap right.png
Daggerfall Covenant
Quest giver
Journal region
Stros M'Kai
14 Gold.png
Required level
Quest objectives
  • Bring Bracelet and note to Terina

In a cave full of plunder, I found a dead man clutching a note to his sister. Though the bracelet accompanying the note has monetary value, his sister may be glad to have it back.

I should look for the dead man's sister, Ternina. Back in town is the most likely place to start.

— game journal

Note[edit | edit source]

There is a message in his hand:

"Terina, Sister, you were right, Irila betrayed us. She's dead, but her blade was poisoned. I'm dying. I pray whoever finds this returns the bracelet to you and telly you my fate. Reward them.

Love, Siraj"

— Siraj