Cultural Exchange

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Cap left.png Cultural Exchange Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Rigurt the Brash
Journal region
Rigurt's Cultural Coif

45 Gold.png from Rigurt

Required level
Quest objectives

Rigurt the Brash, leader of the Expedition for Nord Cultural Exchange, has asked for my assistance. I've agreed to trade a Nord book, clothes and relic for similar Dark Elf items.

Trade for a Dunmer book, Dunmer clothing, Dunmer relic
I can find the items Rigurt wants in Muth Gnaar, Shad Astula and the crafting district of Mournhold. I may have to convince the Dark Elves to trade, however, as they probably aren't aware of this Nord tradition.

Talk to the Rigurt the Brash
I made the necessary cultural exchanges. I should bring the Dunmer book, relic and clothing back to Rigurt the Brash.

— game journal