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Cold-Blooded Revenge

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Cap left.png Cold-Blooded Revenge Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
Fen Dancer's Poleyns

106 Gold.png

Required level
Quest objectives

The Dominion slaughtered the Argonians lving in a small hamlet in Shadowfen. Only one remains alive to take his vengeance.

Kill Maldur and get his heart
Prowls-in-Stealth thinks burning Maldur's banner is the best way to get his attention. I agreed to do it. If I fight him one-on-one, his heart wil be in my hands in no time.

Talk to Prowls-in-Stealth at the Swamp's Edge
I have Maldur's heart, as Prowls-in-Stealth requested. I need to find him at the swamp's edge below the Dominion's southeast camp.

— game journal