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Buried in the Past

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Cap left.png Buried in the Past Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Journal region
270 Gold.png from Looks-Under-Rocks
Required level
Quest objectives

Researchers seeking ancient relics around the xanmeers found Renrijra pirates camped in the Argonian ruins they were planning to search.

Talk to Barvyn
One of the researchers Barvyn has been watching the pirates. He may have useful information.

Recover Green Puzzle Stone
The pirates have stumbled on the key o a great treasure, but they don't know it yet. I need to recover something called a green puzzle stone. I can use it to find another piece of the puzzle.

Retrieve the Blue Puzzle Stone
The pirates have definitely found the clues to entering the Argonian xanmeer, but haven't put them together yet. I need to find the next puzzle stone.

Use the Blue Puzzle Stone
At least one pirate thought the blue puzzle stone was important enough to lock up. I should uses the stone to find the last of the three.

Climb the Xanmeer
The last wisp floated up the xanmeer's stone steps. I should climb to the top and see what's there.

— game journal