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DaggerfallFaction Breton.png

The Bretons are one of the three races representing the Daggerfall Covenant. Their homeland is High Rock.

Bretons are an interesting race. They look like humans but have better magical talents. Their bodies are strong and their magical abilities allow them to use powerful spells. They can be both good warriors and mages.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Passive[edit | edit source]

Image Name Level Rank Description
Light Armor Affinity.png
Rank 1
Increases XP gain with the Light Armor skill line by 15%,
Gift of Magnus.png
Rank 1
Increases maximum magicka by 4%.
Rank 2
Increases maximum magicka by 7%.
Rank 3
Increases maximum magicka by 10%.
Spell Resistance.png
Rank 1
Increases spell resistance by 2.
Rank 2
Increases spell resistance by 4.
Rank 3
Increases spell resistance by 6.
Magicka Mastery.png
Rank 1
Reduces the magicka cost of spells by 1%.
Rank 2
Reduces the magicka cost of spells by 2%.
Rank 3
Reduces the magicka cost of spells by 3%.

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