Bloodthorn Assassins

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Cap left.png Bloodthorn Assassins Cap right.png
Daggerfall Covenant
Quest giver
Captain Aresin
Journal region
King's Justice

85 Gold.png from King Casimir

Required level
Quest objectives

Bloodthorn assassins plan to kill King Casimir. If the King dies, the entire Daggerfall Covenant could fall apart.

Talk to Sasana at-Abbas
The assassins are hiding in crates on the docks. Captain Aresin suggested I speak to the harbor overseer, Sasana at-Abbas. She should be able to help me.

Search for Verrik and His Assassins
I need to search the cargo on the docks to find Verrik and his assassins. Sasana, meanwhile, is calling out the guard to prevent any of the assassins from slipping past me and into the city.

Protect King Casimir
Verrik intends to kill King Casimir of Daggerfall. I need to stop him.

Talk to King Casimir
Verrik is dead and King Casimir is safe. I should speak to King Casimir.

— game journal