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Map of Bal Foyen
Bal Foyen
Ebonheart Pact

Bal Foyen is a region in Morrowind which has been settled by freed Argonian slaves, part of the Ebonheart Pact. There are three Wayshrines to discover, one is south of Dhalmora, one west of Fort Zeren and the third is northwest of the docks.

Skyshard locations

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There are 3 skyshards scattered around Bal Foyen.

With special thanks to Garkin, who created the SkyShards v0.7 add-on!

  • One of the Skyshards can be found on a ship in the docks.
  • One is close to a Wayshrine
  • One is not far from the arrival location of the player. On the map there is also a camp icon showing the way. The shard can be found behind a house close to the camp, behind a few rocks.

Places of Interest


Bal Foyen Quests