Back-Alley Murders

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Cap left.png Back-Alley Murders Cap right.png
Daggerfall Covenant
Quest giver
Matthew the beggar
Journal region
42 Gold.png
Required level
Quest objectives
  • Find the Trade District Alleys

Someone's murdering Daggerfall's poor. A beggar named Matthew thinks he's going to be the next one to die. He asked me to find the killer before that happens. Matthew suggested I search the alleys of Daggerfall's trade district for the murderer. My first step is to find the alleys.

Investigate the River
After searching the alleys, I found another murder victim and heard that some kind of monster was seen prowling along the river's edge. I should search there.

Talk to Lieutenant Dubois
I found the murderer. It was a Werewolf! Matthew said Lieutenant Dubois might offer a reward for dealing with this. I shoiuld talk to him.

— game journal