Ash and Reprieve

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Cap left.png Ash and Reprieve Cap right.png
Daggerfall Covenant
Quest giver
The Witches of Beldama Wyrd
Journal region
93 Gold.png from Wyress Jehanne
Required level
Quest objectives

The village of Deleyn's Mill is under siege. Fire threatens to burn the village to the ground while enraged forest creatures attack the remaining villagers. The witches of the Beldama Wyrd are trying to contain the situation. I should help them.

Rescue Villagers: 0/6
I need to search for surviving villagers and send them to the mill. While I'm doing that, I should put cut as fires as I can with water drawn from the village well.

— game journal

In one of the buildings players can find a note called Deleyn's Mill Order Form, written by Morric Miller, obviously an order by Lord Alain Diel.

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