Aggressive Negotiations

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Cap left.png Aggressive Negotiations Cap right.png
The Coral Heart
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Duryn Beleran
Journal region
210 Gold.png

from Denu Faren

Required level
Quest objectives
  • Talk to Grandmaster Omin Dres

Tanval Indoril has fled towards the Tormented Spire with the Coral Heart in hand. He wants to unleash Sadal, Brother of Strife, from his imprisonment. Kragenmoor's Grandmaster Omin Dres is the only one who can allow me access to the mountain.

Talk to Grandmaster Omin Dres
I need to talk to Grandmaster Omin Dres and find out what's happening in Kragenmoor.

— game journal

Note: This quest is part of the Kragenmoor Objective. The player must free Kragenmoor from the grip of Tanval's Vanguard.