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A Thorn in your Side

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Cap left.png A Thorn in your Side Cap right.png
The Endless War
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
The Observer
Journal region
The Observer's Battle Helm

362 Gold.png from Angof the Undying

Required level
Quest objectives

Objectives[edit | edit source]

To save the Mages' Guild members that were forced to compete in the Observer's game, I decided to side with Angof. Now I just need to find a way to win the game.

Talk to Angof the Undying
I should find Angof in the battlegrounds. Maybe he has a plan for how we can win the game.

Defeat Thallik's and Estre's Champion
To win this contest, I need to defeat the champions of the other two leaders. Angof gave me more seeds. I can plant them in slain enemies to gain allies in this battle.

Return to the Cave Entrance
I defeated the other champions. Now the Observer wants to meet me at the cave entrance that leads to the watch portal.

Enter the Observer's Watch
The Observer wasn't at the entrance to the watch. I should enter the cave and use the portal so I can find him.

Talk to the Observer
What? I killed the Observer, but there he is, standing in front of me. I should speak to him and find out what else he has in store for me.

— game journal

Note[edit | edit source]

The Observer gives the player now the choice to take either the Mages' Guild members or the chosen competitor. One also can talk with the NPCs before this decision. It is also possible to threaten the Observer to release the chosen competitor AND the Mages' Guild members, but the player needs the Fighters' Guild skill intimidate.

Charactes linked with this quest[edit | edit source]