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A Story Told in Footprints

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A Story Told in Footprints
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Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
Rebellion Mace
76 Gold.png
Required level
Quest objectives
  • Follow the Rioters' Steps
  • Follow the Rioters' Plan
  • Find J'kur
  • Deliver Letter to Vahara

I found a note on a dead Khajiit with plans for the riot. Apparently, the riot started with fires, followed by the freeing of prisoners.

Follow the Rioters' Steps
I should follow the directions in this note to learn what the rioters did next. I could start by following the note's directions to the area south of the barn.

Follow the Rioters' Plan
The Khajiit sent to free the prisoners must have been slain. Once the prisoners were freed, they were to meet up in the quarters east of the barn. I should go there and continue tracing their steps.

Find J'kur
A Khajiit named J'kur was the leader of this riot. He told the slaves to meet him in the pumpkin patch near the stables.

Deliver Letter to Vahara
I found J'kur's body. He was holding a note and a map. The note was intended for someone named Vahara. The map points to an area north of the plantation. I should go there and look for Vahara.

— game journal

Note[edit | edit source]

Obviously, there was a riot at the farm. The player must follow the rioters steps.

The player will find a Khajiit named Qa'tesh dead on the ground. With him is a letter:

"Qa'tesh, once you've started the fire by the house, meet with Unjasi and free the prisoners. He'll be waiting south of the barn. Tonight we will find freedom!"

— A message from J'kur

As mentioned in the message of J'kur, south of the barn is Unjasi, but she's also dead. With her is another message from J'kur:

"Unjasi, after the prisoners are free, bring them to the quarters east of the barn. We've hidden weapons there. Arm them and prepare to fight!"

— Another message from J'kur

The player will also find a scroll of the slaves on a crate:

"Everyone take heart! Qa'tesh will set fires, and Ra-Shadda will summon spirits to create chaos. Unjasi will bring the prisoners here.

Meet J'kur in the pumpkin patch by the stables. Until then, be brave and think of home."

— Slave's Scroll

J'kur is indeed in the pumpkin patch, but lies dead on the ground. With him is a letter addressed to Vahara. An area north of the plantation is circled on the map.

Characters linked with this quest[edit | edit source]

  • Vahara - she grew up in Senchal with J'kur, who looked after her. He fought the slavers to protect her. The player should deliver the letter from J'kur to her.