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A Life of Privilege

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Cap left.png Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
Lightfingered Necklace

206 Gold.png, from Aldyna

Required level
Quest objectives

I met a Breton in the middle of the swamps of Shadowfen. She seems to be lost.

Find Suriel's Belongings: 0/3
I should search the nearby swamp for Suriel's belongings. She said they were probably hidden in tree stumps nearby.

Talk to Suriel
I've collected Suriel's things from the dubious hiding spots in the swamp. She ran off almost immediately. I should bring her the trinkets and see what's got her so exited.

Follow Suriel
Something fishy is going on with Suriel. She ran off when I asked her about the items she had me collect. I should follow her and find out what this is really all about.

— game journal

It turns out, Suriel is a victim of slavery and fled her Dunmer slave trader Aldyna. The player now must decide, whom he/she will support here. If Suriel is set free, Aldyna will be upset, but despite her disappointment, she'll give the player a reward.