A Goblin's Affection

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Cap left.png A Goblin's Affection Cap right.png
Ebonheart Pact
Quest giver
Journal region
Spider-Wrangler's Gloves

and 65 Gold.png from Valdam Andoren

Required level
Quest objectives
  • Save Dithis
  • Kill Chieftain Grimmstal
  • Talk to Valdam Andoren

While attempting to test a new spell, Denthis Romori transformed his brother, Dithis, into a female goblin. The goblin lass has been kidnapped by a local goblin warlord named Chieftain Grimmstal.

Talk to Valdam Andoren
Now that I've saved Dithis, I should return to the other mages and give them the good news.

— game journal